Fetching Fort Worth is a private, in-home shopping experience in Fort Worth,TX. Clients shop for gorgeous and affordable apparel, handbags and accessories in the total peace and privacy of their home for an entire hour. Think upscale department store but where all of the pieces are less than $65. You fight no crowds, escape the hassle of dealing with pushy salespeople, and undress just once. Every size and color you could want or need is at your fingertips! Try beautiful jewelry and accessories on with your new outfit without ever having to exit a dressing room. 

Should you need help, I am just steps away and can offer styling advice as needed. Do you need to clean your house for me? Do you need to entertain me while I am in your home? No and no. My job is 100% to help you find something great! Treat yourself to an hour of fun, relaxed, and affordable shopping at home or visit the online shop.

Did you know, Fetching also provides closet consultations and personal shopping services? If I don't have exactly what you are looking for in stock, I am happy to assist you in hunting it down. If the contents of your closet are making you feel overwhelmed and under dressed, I would love to go through and help you style what you have or update for the season.

I love bringing Fetching to the ladies of the Fort and beyond! I have always had a love for fashion and I am excited to bring that passion to work in this one of a kind retail concept. - Christina